Since 1984, the institute has been uniting various professionals in the field of sea transport for one sole purpose, being an academic organization of maritime industry in Hong Kong.

海運學會自1984年創會以來致力團結各個海運業專業人士,以達致成為本港海運業的學術組織的目標, 此亦為本會創立的唯一目標

Our Mission

·         to promote the exchange of professional knowledge within the Hong Kong shipping industries

·         to recognize the contribution of professionals within the seatransport community in Hong Kong


  • 促進香港海運業人士交流專業知識

  • 表彰香港海運界專業人士的貢獻


The Institute holds seminars regularly and invites well known people within the local shipping industry to address members. The Institute also invites other similar organizations to sponsor joint functions, and participate in conferences.


海運學會定期舉辦研討會並邀請本港海運業翹楚擔任講者, 向會員演講業內議題º此外我們並邀請與我們性質相近的組織和我們合辦活動和予以資助以及參加我們舉辦的會議º


The Institute of Seatransport was founded on 26th October 1984 by two lecturers at the Department of Maritime Studies of Hong Kong Polytechnic (now the HK Polytechnic University), namely, Captain L.C. Ngai and Captain Peter C.T. Chu, and a group of people in the shipping industry. The Institute incorporated as a limited company on 13th February 1986.

The aims of the Institute are to promote the exchange of professional knowledge within the HK shipping community, the recognition of professional seatransport for the community in HK and the contribution which it makes to our society.

Members come from different streams in the shipping industry, such as ship owners, marine insurers, ship brokers, maritime lawyers, average adjusters, maritime arbitrators, ship and cargo surveyors, ship builders/repairers, harbour pilots and senior seagoing personnel, for instance, ship masters, chief engineers etc.





Be the change that you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Principal Founding Members

Captain Ngai Lup CheeLecturer of Hong Kong Polytechnic College
Captain Peter Chu Chi TungLecturer of Hong Kong Polytechnic College
Captain Lam Tsan WaSenior Lecturer of Hong Kong Polytechnic College
Mr. Yam Kin ChoPrincipal Lecturer of Hong Kong Polytechnic College
Captain Pau Sai HungHarbour Pilot
Captain Tung Kwai YiuDirector of a shipping company
Mr. Edward Lau Sai OnAverage adjuster, General Manager of an average adjusting co
Mr. Chan Chak ManExecutive Director of a marine insurance company
Mr. Rene, Li Yiu ManShipping Finance Manager of an international bank
Mr. Chan Kam WingDirector of a Shipowner branch in Hong Kong
Mr. Edmond, Lee To LoongManaging Director of a marine insurance company